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Join hands with Microsoft, The Federal Ministry of Communication & Digital Economy, Tech4Dev and Capitis Global at the Enugu SME Center to revolutionize the digital landscape for civil servants in Enugu State. Empower yourself with essential tech skills tailored for today's workplace and government services.

Unlock Your Digital Potential with Digital Skills Nigeria (DSN)

Digital Skills Nigeria, a collaboration between Microsoft, The Federal Ministry of Communication & Digital Economy, and Tech4Dev, aims to equip Enugu State's civil servants with crucial digital skills, aligning with H.E Dr. Peter Mbah's vision for enhanced public services in Enugu. Civil Servants in key MDAs in Enugu State are the primary beneficiaries of the DSN program. This training is conducted physically and led by instructors, ensuring direct interactions and personalized support for beneficiaries.

Empower your digital future with DSN today!

Expected Outcomes

Participants will handle e-government systems, enhance workplace efficiency, and contribute to modernizing government services.


The program is entirely free for selected candidates.

No Prior Skills Needed

Individuals with no prior digital skills are welcome; however, passing the Assessment Test is essential.

Training Duration

The program spans five days (Friday to Tuesday) with 3-4 hour sessions per day.


Enugu State Digital Skill Nigeria

Digital Skills Nigeria, created by Microsoft with The Federal Ministry of Communication & Digital Economy and Tech4Dev, focuses on enhancing the tech skills of Enugu State’s civil servants. This aligns with His Excellency Dr. Peter Mbah’s vision to provide our civil service with the relevant digital skills for better public services in Enugu.

The program is primarily targeted at Civil Servants in key MDAs in Enugu State

The program offers basic digital literacy, covering computer fundamentals, internet use, online safety, and proficiency in Microsoft Office tools, emphasizing document creation, data management, and digital collaboration   Kindly see below the curriculum for your perusal: <>
Module Focus Areas Topics Covered
Module 1 Working with Computers
  • Introduction to Computers
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Creating and Managing Files, Folders and Programs
  • Peripheral Devices
  • Networks
Module 2 Accessing Information Online
  • The internet
  • How to connect a device to the internet using Wi-Fi
  • Browsing the web and evaluating online information
  • Case study on how to evaluate information online
Module 3 Communicating and Participating safely Online
  • Communicate using email, instant messaging, voice calling, and video calling
  • Participate safely and responsibly online
  • Online safety and privacy Describe best practices for sharing information online
  • Case Study on cyber-attacks
Module 4 Creating, Collaborating and Managing Digital Contents using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
  • Introduction to MS word
  • Open, save and print a document.
  • Edit and format text.
  • Changing the page layout, background and borders (Inserting the headers and footers, tables, clip art and pictures to documents).
  • Performing mail merge
  • Sharing and reviewing shared document files.
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  • Creating and adjusting worksheets
  • Creating, editing and sorting data on a table
  • Use of Conditional formatting
  • Use of formulas and functions
  • Use of pivot table
  • Creating charts from tables.
Module 5 Creating, Collaborating and Managing Digital Contents using Microsoft PowerPoint and One Drive
  • Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Creating and starting a presentation
  • Use of Templates
  • PowerPoint workspace: the different tabs and their use
  • Designing your slides
  • Addition of other documents from Microsoft word and Microsoft Excel
  • Presenting your work.
  • Introduction to OneDrive
  • Creating and uploading files and folders on OneDrive.
  • Sharing Files and Folders on One Drive

The training is physical and instructor-led, allowing for direct interactions and close monitoring of beneficiaries.

Participants are required to have advanced English proficiency, undergo a mandatory assessment test to gauge their digital literacy level, demonstrate commitment to the training, and have access to a computer.

The program aims to train 500-1,000 civil servants in basic digital skills in six (6) weeks

The program trains participants to handle e-government systems, boosts digital skills of civil servants for today’s workplace, and aids in modernizing government services. It aims to enhance digital proficiency, work efficiency, and responsible use of government digital resources.

Kindly apply here : www.enugusme.en.gov.ng/cdsn

Make sure to read the FAQs (insert bitly link)

The Training program (per batch) will be for Five (5) Days- Friday- Tuesday for 3-4 hours a day.


Yes, the program is designed to accommodate individuals with little to no prior digital skills, especially in its basic skilling level. It would be important you pass the Assessment Test (insert link)

Participants who successfully complete the training and pass the assessments will receive a certification from the program.

There will be a dedicated technical support team available to assist participants with any technical challenges. Contact details will be provided at the start of the program.

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