At the heart of Enugu State lies the spirit of entrepreneurship and the aspirations of its vibrant youth. The Enugu State Data Collection Exercise is a pioneering initiative aimed at fueling progress and prosperity in our state. We believe in a future where every business thrives, and every youth has a path to success. The Enugu State Data Collection Exercise is our commitment to making that future a reality.

WhatWe Do


We Listen: We’re dedicated to understanding the unique needs and challenges of our Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and the aspirations of our youth. Through data collection, we unveil the stories behind our businesses and future leaders.

We Empower: With the data we collect, we pave the way for tailored interventions and support systems, nurturing the growth and sustainability of our MSMEs and enhancing employability among our youth.

What You Can Expect from this Excercise

Data-Driven Insights

Our in-depth data collection efforts cover crucial information about businesses in Enugu State. We look beyond the surface to uncover what truly matters.

Strategic Solutions

The Enugu MSME & Startup Ecosystem Development Report will offer a roadmap for strategic interventions and actions to ensure your business growth and prosperity for all.

Collaborative Engagement

There will be a strengthened collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, from private sector leaders to government entities, educational institutions, and community-based organizations. Together, we're building a better future for Ndi Enugu State.

Direct Support for MSMEs:

With accurate data, we can ensure that government interventions, support from the private sector, and contributions from development partners reach the businesses that truly need them. This means that resources will be channeled directly to those in the Enugu State MSME Database.


Enugu State MSME Data Collection Exercise

The primary goal is to gather comprehensive data about the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) operating in Enugu State. This information will help to understand the unique challenges, needs, and dynamics of the MSME ecosystem in the region, and will inform the development of targeted interventions and support mechanisms to foster the growth and sustainability of these businesses.

The data includes basic information about the business such as its name, address, and industry, as well as more detailed information like the number of years the business has been in operation, the number of employees, registration status, types of products or services offered, main customers, major challenges faced, annual turnover, and the use of digital tools or platforms for business operations.

The data will be used to inform the creation of the Enugu MSME & Startup Ecosystem Development Report. This report will provide valuable insights that will guide strategic interventions for the growth and sustainability of MSMEs in the state.

The Exercise aligns with several key policies and programs, including the National Policy on MSME Development, the National Digital Ecosystem Policy and Strategy (2020-2030), the mandatory implementation processes required in the State Adoption of the National Startup Act (2022), and the strategic MSME & Startup Ecosystem development program outlined in the Manifesto of His Excellency, Dr. Peter Mbah