In partnership with UNDP, European Union, Enugu Jobs and Capitis Global. Enugu SME is proud to introduce the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme in Enugu State

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Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP) in Enugu State, is here to elevate the employability of our local graduates by seamlessly connecting them with invaluable job opportunities in both the Organized Private Sector and key Public Sector MDAs. Through a twelve-month paid work experience, with a monthly stipend of N100,000, generously supported by the Federal Government of Nigeria, the European Union, and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), alongside the backing of the Enugu State Government through the Enugu SME Center, we’re transforming aspirations into achievements.

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Are you an organization in Enugu State ready to make a difference? Join us as a host for the NJFP and unlock the potential for SMEs. Show your commitment to our objectives, provide meaningful employment opportunities, and help shape the future of our workforce. SMEs stand to gain immensely from participating—access to skilled talent, cost savings, network expansion, and policy influence are just some of the advantages. Join us in shaping the future of our workforce while boosting your business’s growth.

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Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme in Enugu State

The NJFP aims to improve the employability of local graduates by linking them with jobs in both the private sector and government ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs). It provides them with a twelve-month paid internship, offering a stipend of N100,000 per month (at no cost to the employer). This program is supported by the Federal Government, the European Union, the UNDP, and the Enugu State Government through the Enugu SME Center.

Currently, 647 fellows from Enugu State are enrolled in the program, with ongoing efforts to match more graduates with suitable positions.

To host NJFP fellows, organizations must:

  • Have up-to-date regulatory documentation, such as a CAC Certificate and Tax Clearance.
  • Commit to the NJFP’s goals in writing.
  • Define clear job roles and provide robust mentorship programs.
  • Uphold ethical standards and a non-discrimination policy.

Interested organizations need to pass a detailed assessment, providing extensive information about their operations, including sector involvement, staff strength, and their capacity to train and mentor fellows.

Hosts are expected to provide meaningful employment opportunities, dedicated mentorship, and a supportive work environment, enhancing the fellows’ learning and professional growth.

Eligible NJFP fellows are recent graduates under 30 years of age, holding a Bachelor’s degree or HND from any discipline, and have completed their NYSC program or possess an exemption certificate.

Fellows are matched with host organizations based on their academic background, skills, and the specific needs of the hosts to ensure beneficial outcomes for both parties.

During the program, fellows receive mentorship and professional development. Post-program, they join a Talent Hub that provides continued support to help them secure permanent employment or explore entrepreneurial opportunities.

NJFP provides SMEs with access to skilled, job-ready graduates, enhancing productivity, reducing recruitment costs, and fostering fresh ideas and modern skills in the workplace.

SMEs are expected to implement structured mentorship programs that help fellows integrate into their roles, gain practical industry insights, and participate in various projects and business activities.

  • Cost Savings: Reduced hiring costs as their salaries are taken care of by the Program
  • Access to Skilled Talent: Immediate contribution from pre-trained graduates.
  • Network Expansion: Enhanced visibility and new business opportunities.
  • Policy Influence: A chance to contribute to discussions on economic development and employment policies.

The program uses a detailed matching process, considering the needs and job descriptions provided by SMEs to ensure that fellows fit well both in terms of skills and organizational culture

For localized support in Enugu State, potential NJFP fellows and host organizations/MDAs including SMEs, can contact the Enugu State NJFP coordination office or the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
Direct inquiries can also be made to the NJFP state liaison officer. Additionally, local business chambers and the NJFP coordination team frequently hold workshops and information sessions to facilitate engagement and provide detailed program insights.

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