The Enugu State Skill Gap Data Collection Exercise is all about YOU - the young and aspiring individuals of our dear state. We're on a mission to understand your dreams, your challenges, and your aspirations. Together, we'll bridge the skills gap and unlock the pathways to your success.

If you're a young person residing in Enugu State, whether you're currently employed, unemployed, or underemployed, your voice matters. This is your opportunity to share your journey and be part of the solution.

WhatWe Do


We Listen: Through the Skill Gap Questionnaire, we gather a wide range of data, from your demographic information to your job search methods, skills, and career dreams. We want to understand your unique challenges and what drives you.

We Empower: With the data we collect, we aim to propose targeted strategies to bridge the skills gap, enhance employ-ability, and boost productivity among Enugu’s youth.

What You CanExpect


Your input is invaluable! Join us in shaping your future and that of Enugu State.

Data-Driven Insights

We go beyond the surface to uncover the issues you face in finding employment, from skills gaps to job opportunities. Your voice shapes our solutions.

Long Term Goals

We're here to help you achieve your career dreams. Tell us your aspirations and the steps you're taking to get there.


The Enugu State SKill Gap Data Collection Exercise

The Skill Survey is designed for young individuals residing in Enugu State, including those who are currently employed, unemployed, or underemployed. It aims to gather data that will help to understand the skills gap among the youth in the region and create the right interventions to tackle these issues.

The Skill Survey collects a wide range of data, including demographic information, employment status, job satisfaction, skills and training, job search methods, and career aspirations. It also seeks to understand the challenges faced by the youth in finding employment, the industries or sectors they are interested in working in, and the gap between the skills they possess and the skills required by employers in their desired industry.

The data collected will be used to propose targeted strategies to bridge the skills gap and enhance employability and productivity among the youth in Enugu State. The insights gained will inform policy and program development, and will contribute to the overall economic growth and development of the region.

The questionnaire seeks to understand the specific challenges faced by the youth in finding employment.
This includes factors such as lack of job opportunities in the desired field or location, lack of relevant skills or qualifications, limited professional network or connections, and discrimination or bias.

The questionnaire asks the youth to list their top three career goals or aspirations, and to describe the steps they are taking to achieve these goals. This information will help to identify the support and resources needed to help the youth achieve their career objectives.