Auto-revamp Innovative Training Program (AITP)

Revamp Your Innovation WithAITP Program


The Auto-revamp Innovative Training Program (AITP) is aimed at equipping  Ndi-Enugu with beneficial skills in the field of automobile body repairs and upgrade.

It’s a skill acquisition program created by the incumbent government under the leadership of His Excellency Rt.Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, through the Enugu SME Center. As many organizations recruit blue collar employees, this training will equip beneficiaries with needed skills and experience to execute an Auto-revamp duly.

The program doesn’t stop at training the attendees alone, it goes further to place beneficiaries in employment platforms where they get to display and monetize the skill learnt during the training program.


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AITP is intended to go on for 90 days after which beneficiaries will be placed in jobs.

Through this, skills are learnt, jobs are created, the economy is boosted and the state gains more traction.

The Auto-revamp innovation is a partnership collaboration between AUTOEASE, ENUGU STATE GOVERNMENT, & ENUGU SME CENTER.