Enugu Cyber Security Learning Program

In partnership with The Cyber Safe Foundation, Capitis Ventures Ltd and Ping Cyber Talent, Enugu SME is proud to introduce the Enugu Cyber-Security Learn Program (ECSL). 

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The Enugu State Government through the Enugu SME Center is focused on maximizing human capital development through provision of credit, “delivering training to increase people’s skills enabling them to find jobs; creating jobs to improve incomes.” Hence, the launch of the CyberLearn Fellowship, Enugu CyberSecurity Learning Program, powered by the Enugu SME Center in partnership with the Cybersafe Foundation, Capitis Ventures Limited & Ping CyberTalents.

The aim of this partnership is to individuals aged  18-30 years old with globally sought-after cybersecurity skills as a means to fight poverty, cybercrime, cybersecurity skills shortage and unemployment in the state.

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ECSL is intended to go on for Seven(7) Months after which only outstanding beneficiaries will be placed on internships.

Through this, skills are learnt, jobs are created, the economy is boosted and the state gains more traction.

The Enugu Cyber Security Learning Program is a partnership collaboration between CYBERSAFE FOUNDATION, PING CYBER TALENTS, CAPITIS VENTURES LTD, ENUGU STATE GOVERNMENT, & ENUGU SME CENTER.

NB: Application Closes on 7th January 2022.

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Enugu Cyber Security Learning Program

Enugu Cybersecurity Learning Program® (“ECSL” or the “Program) (www.enugusme.en.gov.ng/ecsl) is a public-private partnership project between the Enugu SME Center (“ESME” or the “Agency”) with CyberSafe Foundation and PING Talents Limited designed to support youth between 18-30 years old with globally sought after cybersecurity skills as a means to fight poverty, cybercrime, skills shortage and unemployment in the country.

The training program under ESCL will be done in-person at a soon to be agreed location within the Enugu Metropolis. The program will be for seven (7) months. Attendance is a prerequisite for graduation as a Fellow of the Program.


The training would be focused on the following

  • Digital Literacy Training
  • Cyber Awareness Training
  • Introduction of Cybersecurity Training
  • Networking Basics Training
  • Desired Specialized Cybersecurity Training (Choose Networking, IT Security Audit, Incident Analysis/Response SOC Analyst Level 1, Penetration/Vulnerability Testing, Threat Intelligence, Web Application Testing, Cloud Security)
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Graduation


This program is for in individuals that have an excellent academic performance and/or high interest in pursuing a career in technology and specifically the cybersecurity space.


Unfortunately since its an in-person training, you must be in Enugu for the duration of the training program

Each program is priced at N50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira Only). This has been subsidized heavily by the CyberSafe Foundation & Ping Cyber Talents Limited from the original price of N250,000 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira Only). This is an 80%  reduction.


Each selected participant that successfully meets the assessment requirement for the program can access a zero-interest Human Capital Development Loan (HCDL) to participate in the ECSL Program.

The Loan for the Training Program is INTEREST FREE/ ZERO INTEREST

The successful applicants would be mandated to bring the following:

  • One (1) Nationally Recognized Identification of the Applicant (Either International Passport, Driver’s License, NIN or Voters Card)
  • Three(3) passport photograph
  • One (1) Guarantor from any of the following categories:
    • Private Sector Individual– Businessman/Businesswoman, entrepreneur, private sector employee; or


  • Public Servant (Federal Government MDA, State Government from Executive Assistant-Honorable Commissioner)- retired within two (2) years also acceptable; or


  • Civil Servant from Level 8-Permanent Secretary- retired within two (2) years also acceptable.
  • Requirements of the Guarantor:
    • One (1) Nationally Recognized Identification of the Applicant (Either International Passport, Drivers License, NIN or Voters Card)
    • Six (6) Months Bank Account Statement
    • Undated Cheque from CBN recognized Commercial Bank


  • The guarantor would be expected to co-sign certain documents with the successful ESCL Applicant and is also expected to be physically sighted by the Agency to prevent any case of false claims, forgery of documentation and signature etc.


  • Guarantor must be resident in Enugu (Indigene or Non-Indigene)
  • Guarantee cheque cannot be a joint or corporate account.

You would be expected to repay the N50,000 subsidized training fee within six (6) months after the training. This is a total of thirteen (13) months from commencement of the training. (About N3,846 monthly)

Unfortunately Self Guaranteeing Option isn’t available for the ECSL Program

Kindly notify us by sending an email to copying info@enugusme.ng and ugwuokeuchenna787@gmail.com with your (“Full Name)- ECSL Applicant Paying Directly as the “Email Title”. The Bank Account details are as follows:

Bank Name: Fidelity Bank Plc

Account Name: Enugu Human Capital Loan Account

Account Number: 5030120451

Once paid, kindly scan/take picture of the Payment Teller and send to info@enugusme.ng and ugwuokeuchenna787@gmail.com with your [“(Full Name)- ECSL Applicant] as the “Email Title”. You can also come to the Agency to bring a copy of the Payment Teller

These is the least invasive collateral instrument for a loan acceptable by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

YES. Participation is an important component of the ECSL Program. Failure to do so would lead to you “defaulting on the loan”. If you paid upfront, the funds shall not be refunded. You need to take this seriously!

Yes, individuals who are employed and will be available during the training hours of the program can engage in the training.

Yes, there will be provision for internet at the learning center

The training holds four (4) hours a day (10am-2pm), on weekdays (Mondays to Fridays) with the exception of National Holidays in Nigeria. Attendance is mandatory (or as agreed with CyberSafe Foundation & Ping Cyber Talents Limited

CyberSafe Foundation and Ping Cyber Talents Limited are building relationships with prospective cybersecurity employers and recruiters within and outside Nigeria who will provide internship or job placements for top participants of the Program upon graduation.


Successful participants that complete the program, would is be on-boarded on the Enugu Jobs Platform (www.enugu-jobs.com) for job placements within Enugu State, if available


It is important to note that this isn’t a requirement for repayment by the participants of the ECSL Program. You are expected to repay the loan within thirteen (13) months from commencement of the training

If you have successfully passed the rigorous selection phase and chosen for the first cohort and you drop out of the program, it would have been determined you have DEFAULTED on the ECSL Program and the default terms would kick in as detailed in the Offer Letter.


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