Enugu SME Hardware Garage Training (ESHG) program

In partnership with Hardware Garage and Capitis Global Ventures Ltd, Enugu SME is proud to introduce the Enugu SME Hardware Garage Training (ESHG)program.

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The Enugu State Government through the Enugu SME Center is focused on maximizing human capital development through provision of credit, “delivering training to increase people’s skills enabling them to find jobs; creating jobs to improve incomes.” Hence, the launch of the Hardware garage Training, Enugu Hardware Garage Training, powered by the Enugu SME Center in partnership with the Hardware Garage and Capitis Global Ventures Limited.

Through the localization of technologies, we wish to create a new generation
of trained personnel to revive manufacturing in Enugu. Training sessions will be comprised of both activities and lectures that will cover Industry based Field Services(Solar Energy services, Electrical Wiring, CCTV and Home Automation) and Design and fabrication of Professional Electronic


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ESHG is intended to go on for Three (3) Months after which only outstanding beneficiaries will be placed on internships.

Through this, skills are learnt, jobs are created, the economy is boosted and the state gains more traction.

Enugu SME Hardware Garage Training (ESHG) program is a partnership collaboration between HARDWARE GARAGE and CAPITIS VENTURES LTD, ENUGU STATE GOVERNMENT, & ENUGU SME CENTER.


The Enugu SME Hardware Garage Training (ESHG) is a training program in partnership with Hardware Garage where will gain first-hand technical knowledge encompassing all our core areas of interest including the building of inverters, the installation of smart solar home systems, and the general operations and maintenance of power, mobility manufacturing, computer-controlled systems, and agricultural technologies. Participants that complete this program shall learn to become Industry based business leaders and solar developers and Participants shall learn the design and fabrication of Professional Electronic equipment

Kindly see attached documents from Hardware Garage that explains the structure of the training program in details:
https://bit.ly/Hardware-Trainingproposal: Details of the ESHG Program

The ESHG is priced at N40,000 (Forty Thousand Naira Only). This has been subsidized heavily by the Enugu SME Center and its partners Capitis Global Ventures Ltd. and Hardware Garage from the original price of N150,000 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira Only) as provided by Hardware Garage.

These loans are offered at ZERO INTEREST. Successful applicant can access the Human Capital Development Loan from The Enugu SME Agency, to be repaid five (5) month after the training. This is an effective loan tenor of Eight (8) months, inclusive of the training period of three (3) months.

This equates to N5,000 (Five Thousand Naira Only) a month.

The successful applicants would be mandated to bring the following:

1. One (1) Nationally Recognized Identification of the Applicant and Three(3)
passport photograph.

2. One (1) Guarantor that would bring the following:

○ One (1) Nationally Recognized Identification of the Applicant and two(2) passport photographs.

○ Undated Cheque from CBN recognized Commercial Bank.

○ The guarantor would be expected to co-sign with the successful applicant Offer Letter as the witness Guarantor cheque cannot be a joint or corporate account. It has to be a personal cheque.

○ We would only accept a Saving Account Cheque from Fidelity Bank and First Bank as we have correspondent accounts with them.

Kindly notify us by sending an email to ugwuokeuchenna787@gmail.com with your
“(Full Name)- ESHG Applicant Paying Directly” as the Email Title. The Bank
Account details are as follows:

Bank Name: Fidelity Bank Plc

Account Name: Enugu SME Human Capital Loan Account

Account Number: 5030120451

Once paid, kindly scan the Payment Teller” to ugwuokeuchenna787@gmail.com
copying info@enugusme.ng with your “(Full Name)- ESHG Applicant Paying
Directly as the Email Title.

You can also come to the Agency to bring a copy of thePayment Teller

This is the least invasive collateral instrument for a loan acceptable by the Central Bank of Nigeria

When the training commences, it is expected to run three (3) times a week for four (4)-five (5) hours within those allotted days.

If you decided to discontinue the training for any reason, you are still MANDATED to repay your loan facility by law.

Greengage Technologies have indicated that they would accept the top 10 candidates as interns (if they so which) after completion of the Program. They have also indicated they are willing to increase this amount by ensuring their partners also recruit individuals as interns from the Program from these cohorts, provided the reach the right level upon completion.
It is important to state that this isn’t a prerequisite for repayment of the N40,000 loan, which is MANDATORY.

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