Enugu SME Micro Credit Lending Program

Business line of credit made to provide working capital to small business owners from Enugu and operating in Enugu

Loan Details


Single Obligor Limit - N300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand Naira Only)


One month moratorium and Ten (10) Months Repayment (11 months)

Interest Rate

9% a year or 0.75% a month. Interest deducted upfront for loan period

Loan Eligibility

1.) Ndi-Enugu in credible economically businesses in Enugu State.
2.) Can apply as a business name or as an individual.
3.) Sufficient CRMS Report for anyone applying above N150,000 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira Only).
4.) All economically viable sectors and disabled.
5.) Verifiable means of identification.
6.) Submission of agreed documentation checklist for application.
7.) Free mandatory financial literacy training before disbursement.

Loan Process

Implementation Method


Repayment Plan


Documents for Uploading

Other Important Considerations

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Enugu SME Micro Credit Lending Scheme

You can come the Enugu SME Center can apply manually, filling out the requisite forms. The Agency Data Team would then key it into the online portal

To reduce the credit risk on the loan.

All economically viable sectors and the disabled can apply.

All Ndi-Enugu indigenes and residents non-indigenes

No. That would then be a corporate guarantee

The EFCC are the debt recovery agents. It’s important you get on their bad side

There would be a repayment schedule that would include the amount your required to repay monthly. You shall also provide these equal monthly Cheques to Fidelity Bank

Then the loan wouldn’t be made available to you, regardless of being successful in your application.