How to Place your Business on Google Local Listing

How to Place your Business on Google Local Listing

Google is the first platform that anyone goes to when they need information about anything. 

For instance, new moms needing information about infants’ food, or students looking for information about the best college, and customers looking for a particular product head over to Google for the first feel. 

Data published by StatCounter highlighted that Google leads the search engine market share by 92.41%. Bing is rated 2.46%, DuckDuckGo has 0.6%, and Yahoo, 1.48%. 

Do you want your business to be locally viable, i.e to become easily accessible to people in your locality? 

Then, you should explore Google Local Listing.

In this post, you will learn how to place your business on Google Local Listing. 

But before we begin,

What is Google Local Listing

Google Local Listing means listing your business on your locality map so it appears at the top of Google’s first page results when people in your locality search for your business type.

These listings usually respond to the keywords customers search for through Google Maps and it comes with locality, e.g. Enugu Electricians or Plumbers in Enugu.

These local search results have a competitive edge when compared with other results that are based on algorithms and sponsored pay-per-click listings.  

So, why do you need to place your business on Google local listing?

Why Do You Need to Place Your Business on Google Local Listing?

Having your business displayed on the first page of Google listings is good for your business.

Here’s why.

Increase traffic to your website

When people find your business on Google’s first page, your business will experience a huge visit which will result in increased customers and more profits. 

Increase in website traffic will also boost your brand reach due to the map listing contained on your website. 

For instance; a customer searching for grilled chicken in your locality could open Google Maps for a nearby Barbecue spot on the listing. If your business is just a kilometer away from his location, you’ve just scored a new customer without stress.   

Your business enjoys credibility 

When Google recognizes your business on its prime page, visitors tend to trust your product or services without any reservation.

The more your business is frequent on Google Local Listing, the higher the level of your patronage. Even if your store isn’t decorated with modern bricks, people will give you that initial respect. 

Though, a sense of steady improvement and consistency in quality delivery will always keep your winning card for you.

Your business is on the legitimate side

If you have a business on Google Local Listing with a physical address, where people can easily locate you, then your business will breathe legitimacy. 

People will be confident in dealings with you because your contact is accessible to the world.

Thinking of how to place your business of Google Local listing? 

Don’t stress, you’re covered. 

Here is the step-by-step guide to lead you through.

3 Steps to Putting your Business on Google Listing

Step 1. Check if you’re already listed

To begin this process first is to search for your business on Google Maps. This is to ensure that your business doesn’t already appear on Google listings. 

If your business doesn’t appear on the list, then, you should move to the next step.

However, you’re to add up your business if it doesn’t show up. See the keyword pointed to by the red arrow, it doesn’t display among the brands in the listing. 

Now, click the box in the arrow direction i.e. add a missing place to Google Maps, as indicated here, it will lead you to the next step.

Step 2. Create  a place if you’re not yet listed

Click the prompt that displays in the search result to add your business as a place.

Then, fill in your name, address, and category. Your category selection is crucial because it allows your business to appear in results for searches other than your branding.

Finding in the category space is a drop-down box with similar categories but, you still have the option to type in your business keywords in the box, as directed with the arrow in the screenshot below. That will make you see the most closely matching categories.

Step 3. Update your Google Local Listing

After your business is added as a place on Google Maps, you still have another attempt to take because that doesn’t mean you’re there already. 

Therefore, for your company to rank for searches relevant to your business and gain new customers, you need to update it.

To validate the above, all your information must be accurate and followed up with necessary updating, if need be. This will earn you the ownership power over your listing.

Now, go through the page below to update your business location on the map.  

Having done this, the next is to hit the send box and have your business placed on Google Local Listing. 

See the indication in the screenshot below:

After all this process, Google confirms your business address via a postcard that would be sent to you.

This postcard comes with a verification PIN, which you will input online to finish the whole process.


The importance of having your business on Google Local Listing is to ensure that your business is easily located by your potential clients, particularly in your locality.  

This will inturn scale your search volume and boost your business for increased revenue streams. 

Not only that, your business will achieve a legitimate feel that earns it more credibility and trustworthiness in the sight of potential customers. This could automaitcally convert accidental visitors to your satisfied clients.

Now is the time to place your business on Google local listing by following the process. 

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