How to Boost your Online Business without Google Ads

How to Boost your Online Business without Google Ads

Your business is as good as non-existent if no one knows that it exists.

You must find every means to get your business to your target clients. There are several ways to achieve this. Leveraging Google is one of the most popular.

According to Jeremiah Owyang, “Google is the new corporate home page”.

What this imply is that it will be difficult for corporate entities, entrepreneurs, and other businesses to sustain their conversions and revenue streams without leveraging Google Ads?

Irrespective of the wide coverage and usage of the Google platform, there are tons of options that can give you your desired business promotion.

Truly, online adverts will generate huge conversions foryour business. It will open your business to the world and help it cut thorough the online noise. 

In this post, I will show you how you can boost your online business without using Google Ads.

Let’s begin.

What is Google Ads?

Also known as Google AdWords, Google’s advertising is the Google platform where advertisers order specific keywords, associated with their business, and done in a such a pattern that their clickable ads appear on Google pages at a search by customers.

Advertisers pay for this bid for Google to make its revenue which is a charge per click.

For instance, if a user puts up a bid, Google will ex-tray their robust database of ads within a few seconds and come up with appropriate keywords that match the query in an orderly form.

This is possible because Google recognizes every available ad on their database. 

But then you may ask that which ad wins the top page of the searched results. This depends on a series of factors which includes bidding size by the advertisers and the quality of the ad itself. 

Why you should boost your business.

The motive of every business is to grow at a steady pace. This growth is the engine that drives the business to higher revenue streams. 

Apart from paving ways for your in-flow capital, boosting your business will flesh up your income, avail you new opportunities, and convert more customers for your business patronage.

Though expanding your business comes with its risks, understanding the pros and cons of boosting your business is important before you begin to boost your ads.

Boosting your business allows you to leverage economies of scale to increase in your production output and reduce product costs per unit.

It will also provide route to expand your business and influence the market price. With that, you attain independence in your business operation due to external risks reduction. 

Now you will have greater financial viability for your business and many financial institutions will trust your expertise and market strength. 

How to boost your business without Google Ads

As much as the benefits of boosting your business amass, here are ways to produce long-term marketing results for your business without investing a dime in Google ads.

1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Advertisers reach out to their customers through Google Ads, but it’s most likely that their adverts don’t appear on every search. This could be as a result of the difference in the keywords or competitors bidding higher on that same keywords.

Instead of letting your adverts be conditioned with some factors before reaching your targets, use search engine optimization (SEO) to appear more often over a longer time.

Your site won’t get to the top overnight, however, it has the potential to last longer and fetch you a long-term benefit without advertising charges.

2. Content marketing 

One of the motives of pay per click strategy is to make your site available for your customers. It serves the potential customers that are actively searching for your business.

Creating highly converting content in your website can serve this purpose for you, but ensure your themes come around what your business offers. You can use this to answer some related questions as well.

You can also create visual contents that tie down the customers for you. 

Make your content a source of ideas for other bloggers. Plus, relevant videos and infographics that can be pitched to relevant investors’ sites.

3. Email Marketing

This is a way to be in steady contact with people on your mail list. 

Instead of being particular on how to reach out to the new customers, email marketing will work for you to maintain your past and current customers.

Though the role of advertising in online marketing is crucial, you don’t have 100% assurance that the copy usually gets to your prospects at times. 

But, through email marketing, you reach out to the people on your mail list directly and pave way for a referral.

Instill a sense of belonging in the mind of your customers with frequent follow-up emails after patronizing your sales. Carry them along with details about other products with a reasonable discount that appeals to them. 

You can make it a point of responsibility to offer your customers an incentive for referring other customers to you. The result of this will boost the traffic to your site.  

4. Social media

Social media is the marketplace where formal and informal interactions exist to promote a purpose. You have unlimited potential customers on these platforms whom you can reach without stress. You can as well run a paid advert here too.

Use this platform as a space for your sales promotion. Ensure you’re regular with your post and updates.

Depending on your strategy, you can decide to use a targeting tool to select people based on demography, age, interest, location, and gender, as the case may be. Just be aware you have unlimited prospects here, maximize it to boost your sales.

5. Referral programs

You ask your current customer to refer their friends and family. You can do this by placing a referral form above the fold in your web page for easy notice by the visitors.

Include a link in the referral form at the end of the order acknowledgment page. Also, at the end of every emails you send to your subscribers.

Send introductory notes to the names you collected in the process, sign-up information, and other calls to action. Be frequent in offering special deals, one, if not more of the referrals will take action.


There’s no doubt that the internet is at the center of the world for markets and sales promotions. It’s a key to boost businesses and convert more customers for entrepreneurs and business owners.

However, this opportunity isn’t limited to Google Ads. By exploiting the above strategies, you can gain new customers and maintain the existing ones without being charged for advertising placement.  

That said, you can always access more tools, trainings, and support for your business.

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