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  1. What is the Enugu Tech Skill Program About?
    Enugu Tech® Program (www.enugutech.com) is a public-private partnership project developed and designed to train and provide a path to new jobs to about 50,000 young people in Enugu state. Successful beneficiaries will have the opportunity to learn either Product Design or Programming (UI/UX) with respect to your application and choice of program, the program will help you transition to new job roles and/or upscale in your already job role.
  2. How is the Enugu Tech Skill Program Structured?
    The training program under Enugu Tech are done virtually and remotely. The Product Design class is a one (1) month learning program. You would have the opportunity to learn on your own through the “dongle” (REQUIRES NO INTERNET) we would give you and also learn the online live classes that only run on weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
    Kindly note that the Enugu SME Center would provide a location for the weekend virtual session with internet. These locations would be notified to participants that finalize the process. It would be based on the “address of the successful applicant” and not “LGA of origin”.
    The Programming (Web and App Development) class runs for two (2) months. The classes are on weekends Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and you would be provided with a “dongle” (REQUIRES NO INTERNET) which helps you to access the contents and self- study. Though it is online classes, it is 100% instructor led and you get all class recordings for recaps
  3. What level of complexity is the training? Is it for beginners
    Both training program are modular programs that can take anyone from a novice capacity to a professional capacity. Remember the content WILL ALWAYS be with you for continuous learning
  4. What if I live outside Enugu State
    There is no problem, you can still participate in the Program
  5. How much is the Enugu Tech Program
    Each program is priced at N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira Only). This has been subsidized heavily by the Enugu SME Center from the original price of N250,000 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira Only). Each selected applicant (1,500) under the Enugu Tech® Program was out 5,000 plus applicants. This selection enables you to access Human Capital Development Loan (HCDL) to access the training Program. The HCDL is an innovative ZERO INTEREST loan program that is intended SOLELY to provide training to Ndi-Enugu on technical and non-technical capacities.
    For the Enugu Tech® Program is in partnership with private sector Edu-Tech leader called “Utiva” (www.utiva.io). Successful applicant can access HCDL Loan from The Enugu SME Agency, to be repaid after four (4) months (after the training)
  6. What is the interest rate of this Loan for the Enugu Tech Skill Training Program?
    The Loan for the Training Program is INTEREST FREE/ ZERO INTEREST

7. What are the requirements to access the Human Capital development Loan (HCDL) for Enugu Tech® Program
The successful applicants would be mandated to bring the following:
▪ Nationally Recognized Identification of the Applicant and Three(3) passport photograph
▪ Guarantor from the following areas:
○ Private Sector Individual- Businessman/Businesswoman, entrepreneur, private sector employee
○ Public Servant (Federal Government MDA, State Government from Executive Assistant-Honorable Commissioner)- retired within two (2) years also acceptable
○ Civil Servant from Level 6-Permanent Secretary- retired within two (2) years also acceptable.
▪ Requirements of the Guarantor:
○ Nationally Recognized Identification of the Applicant and two(2) passport photographs
○ Undated Cheque from CBN recognized Commercial Bank or Microfinance Bank- Kindly note that the Microfinance Bank’s cheque MUST be able
“go for clearing” and payable over the counter of other banks. Kindly note that NOT ALL microfinance bank’s cheque can clear over the counter. If you are going to use a Microfinance Bank kindly inquire if it can “go for clearing”
○ The guarantor would be expected to co-sign with the successful Enugu Tech Skill Applicant and is also expected to be physically sighted by the Agency to prevent any case of false claims, forgery of documentation and signature etc.
○ Guarantor can be from anywhere in Nigeria (within or outside Enugu) but
must make himself/herself available for sighting
○ Guarantee cheque cannot be a joint or corporate account

  1. What if I cannot find a Guarantor, can I Guarantee myself?
    YES, you can guarantee yourself and still access the Human Capital Development Loan. Just provide all the requirements of the “Guarantor” as detailed above in No.7 above.
    If you are guaranteeing yourself, kindly bring a three (3) or six (6) months Bank Account Statement (either current or savings account)
  2. What if I want to guarantee myself but I don’t have a cheque book
    Just request for a cheque book from the Bank (current account holder). This takes seven (7) working days FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQS) UNDER THE ENUGU TECH® PROGRAM
    If you are guaranteeing yourself, kindly bring a three (3) or six (6) months Bank Account Statement (either current or savings account)
  3. What if I want to guarantee myself but only have a savings account
    Request for a current account from your Bank. If the Bank request that you require an account reference, kindly come to the Enugu SME Center if you cannot find a referee.
    If you are guaranteeing yourself, kindly bring a three (3) or six (6) months Bank Account Statement (either current or savings account)
  4. What if I cannot get a guarantor, neither can I guarantee myself (because I don’t have a chequebook or it is “long” or “tedious” etc) but I can pay for the Enugu Tech® Program upfront?
    Kindly notify us by sending an email to enugutech@utiva.io copying info@enugusme.ng with your “(Full Name)- Enugu Tech Applicant Paying Directly as the “Email Title”. The Bank Account details will be communicated to you. You can also come to the Enugu SME Center to retrieve the account details. Once paid, kindly scan the Payment Teller” to enugutech@utiva.io copying info@enugusme.ng with your “(Full Name)- Enugu Tech Applicant Paying Directly as the “Email Title”. You can also come to the Agency to bring a copy of the Payment Teller
  5. Why do we need a cheque (guarantor or self-guarantee) as collateral to access the Human Capital Development Loan (HCDL)
    These is the least invasive collateral instrument for a loan acceptable by the Central Bank of Nigeria.
  6. Why isn’t this a grant? Why isn’t this free?
    Unfortunately, the Enugu SME Center is the developmental finance institution for Enugu State. It provides concessionary loans Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Enugu State amongst other primary function. Seeing as Human Capital is the most important sector, the Enugu SME Center has created a loan program tailored strictly for Human Capital Development. Remember loan can be intended for anything, just like how they are loans for only women or loans for agricultural sector etc.
    The Agency has also ensured that these loans are ZERO INTEREST and has worked extensively with private sector to further subsidize the original training cost of N250,000 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira Only) to the current N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira )
  7. Where can I find grants
    Ministry of Human Development and Poverty Alleviation, Enugu State Scholarship Board etc
  8. Would I be required to attend all training sessions?
    Remember that as detailed in “No. 2”, is a combination of remote and virtual learning. You would be required to complete coursework. Failure to do so would lead to you “defaulting on the loan”. If you paid upfront, the funds shall not be refunded. You
    need to take this seriously.

16. Can an individual who is currently employed also engage in the Training program?
YES. The Program is flexible enough for everyone

  1. If I am still in school, and COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and school resumes.
    What happens?

    YES. The Program is flexible enough for everyone.
  2. How will the job placement work?
    We will onboard all the learners that successfully completed the learning program on the Utiva Job Bank. On that platform, you will get the opportunity to meet employers that are hiring for full time roles, part time, freelancers (gig economy) and also companies that are building products. The job platform will give success and determined applicants the opportunity to review employment opportunities and projects requirements and choose which works for you. The more projects you complete successfully, the more opportunities the technology platform routes to
  3. What if I decide to not continue the Enugu Tech Skill Program, what will happen?If you have successfully passed the rigorous selection phase and chosen for the first cohort and you drop out of the program, it would have been determined you have DEFAULTED on the Enugu Tech Skill Training and the default terms would kick in as detailed in the Offer Letter, which would include calling on the collateral (the cheque of the guarantor/or applicant). If you paid for the Enugu Tech Skill Program upfront, it shall not be refunded.
  4. Do I need a laptop for this program?
    Yes! You do need a laptop to participate in the program as discussed in during the orientation session
  5. Once we have met all the requirements, where and when should we come to complete our documentation, with our guarantor?
    Successful applicants will be onboarding into Whatsapp Platforms from Thursday 27th August 2020- Monday 7th September 2020. This is to carry everyone along on the
    program dynamics amongst other things regarding orientation.

Documentation signing will commence from Monday 7th September 2020- Monday, 21st September 2020

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If sending your 24hrs notification by email, send to info@enugusme.ng or enugutech@utiva.io. You can call us on +2348089344768; +2348084998224;
+2349042439495. Ensure you write your name and “Enugu Tech Applicant” as the subject heading of the email.

Kindly follow us on @enugusmeagency on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Enugu State SME Agency on Facebook



SME Loan opportunity for Studentpreneurs in Enugu.

If you are a student of Peaceland College of Education, Enugu, don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can get loans to run your business while in school, and how to participate in our Human Capital Development Programs.

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Be at Mama Pia Auditorium by 10am today (Monday, 1st March 2021) as representatives from the Enugu SME Centre and VFDbank will be there to also teach you how to apply for SME Studentpreneur Loans at www.smevfdbank.com

If you know somebody that knows somebody in Peaceland College of Education, please tag them??

The SME Studentpreneur Loans is brought to you by the Enugu State Government.


Enugu SME launches Auto-Revamp Training Program for Batch C.

Imagine for a moment that your name is ranked amongst top Automobile Experts in the next 3 years. Yes, it is very possible, and that is why we want you to REGISTER NOW at www.enugusmeautojobs.com to join ‘Batch C’ on an 8 months Auto-Revamp Training Program under the ZERO interest Human Capital Development Loan (HCDL),

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Or Come to the Enugu SME Center at No. 2 Market Garden by SME roundabout, Opposite Ebeano Tunnel, for manual registration.

Please, read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and self guaranteeing process on the ZERO interest Human Capital Development Loan option here:

www.enugusmeautojobs.com/faq.html before you register.

And ensure you provide the necessary requirements during your application. Put your best foot forward during the course of training, so that you will be offered a job by Autoease and its partners.

Enugu SME Experts

Enugu SME Center in Partnership with iCreate Africa need ‘Experts’

Dear #ESMEcommunity,

The Enugu SME Center in Partnership with iCreate Africa need ‘Experts’ in the fields listed below to train apprentices and get paid!!!

If you are a MasterCraft Person in these fields:
Electrical Installation,
Drywall and Painting,
Solar –Inverter Installation & Maintenance,
Wallpaper Installation,
POP Installation and Wall Screeding
Concrete Construction Work, etc.

Register here:
To join the ENUGU SKILLERS ASSOCIATES (ESA) to be part of the Enugu Skillers Project under the ZERO interest Human Development Loans (HCDL)

Or visit ENUGU SME CENTER at No. 2 Market Garden Avenue by Ebeano Tunnel Round-about, GRA, Enugu.

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Munachino Obinna Eze

Dr. Munachino Obinna Eze is an alumnus of the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka.
Majored in Architecture under the Faculty of Environmental Studies, he developed genuine responsiveness to the ever changing social, economic, psychological, and technological environment.

Currently Dr Munachino is the special adviser on housing and ecological development to Enugu State Governor.
He hails from Amaeze in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria. Coming from a family of renowned scholars in relevant academic disciplines in the society, he developed the zeal to explore and learn more which has seen him become an internationally certified Financial Modeling Analyst, an International Property Investment Consultant, and
recently, an Honorary Doctorate conferred on him by the prestigious Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics, Ghana.
With his education background and his burning desire to solve problems,

Dr Munachino further developed refined and astute organizational, administrative and leadership skills which saw him ease seamlessly into the world of business and entrepreneurship.
As a seasoned entrepreneur, he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Muna Real Estate Limited – a global property investment company, and also the Chairman of Millennium Group of Companies – a profound franchise in the financial services industry.
As a people-based and solution driven business man, Dr. Munachino through his conglomerate has successfully delivered various profitable property investment projects for private investors and top firms across the globe with a vivid track record to show for it. He has partnered and continues partnering with top executives and international brands in the UAE, Europe, and the UK as he keeps spreading his tentacles to various other countries of the world.

Dr. Munachino is not just a businessman, he is a true born leader, an author, a mentor to many in his field and also a prudent philanthropist whose charity foundation – The EMO Foundation has conducted various philanthropic works that has shaped and brought smiles to the faces of many in his society.
He believes that the future always presents opportunities to create wealth through solving problems and he is ever committed to solving problems and creating wealth that will last a millennium as his paramount goal remains -“the people’s prosperity.


Orientation for Learning Programming and Product Design (UI/UX) under the Enugu Tech program

Dear #ESMECommunity,

We know you want to become financially stable in 2021, so we decided to hold an orientation for those interested in learning Programming and Product Design (UI/UX) under the Enugu Tech program  (www.enugutech.com) on Zoom and be streamed Live on the Enugu SME Facebook page, today. 

To join us, follow the details of the session below:

Date: 23rd January, 2021 (today)

Time: 5:00pm Prompt

Zoom Link: https://utiva-io.zoom.us/j/4014711571?pwd=MWFIdHVrVDg1NlM5ZEtmRjMrck0xdz09

Passcode: Utiva


Join session through
Facebook Link: https://web.facebook.com/ENUGUSTATESMEAGENCY 

#Enugutech2021 #GburuGburuissme #programming #productdesigners


AITP training program Update!

Dear #ESMEcommunity,
The 2nd batch for the ENUGU SME AUTO JOBS assessment meeting for the AITP training program commenced today Wednesday 20th January 2021.

Today’s assessment session was a huge success; continues tomorrow and runs through till Friday 23rd, January 2021.

Don’t forget to come with your face mask.

#Gburugburuissme #ESMEcommunity #AITP #Humancapital #Enugujobs