Finance tips – Why you need an accounting software

A financial app helps you to manage and account for every expense undertaken, especially for a small business that cannot afford an accountant or a bookkeeper.

As your business grows gradually and cash flow increases, you may now have the requisite knowledge to handle your account.

Apps such as Mint, Quick Receipt, Spending Tracker, etc., help users to budget and track their expenses. #Enugusme#Gburugburuissme#money#business#entrepreneuership

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Fund your new business in four ways

You need money to make money.

One function of the business plan is to help you calculate how much capital you need for your business.

Funding is an important step in a starting a business; it could affect the success of a business in terms of operation.

Types of funding for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises will be enumerated in subsequent posts.

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